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SupportWise provides a full suite of outsourced IT services to small and medium sized businesses

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A Complete Range of Business IT Services

Your business is multi-faceted so you should have services that reflect that, SupportWise offers a variety of benefits. Alongside IT support, we advise on hardware procurement, set up cloud migrations, manage work mobile contracts and more.

  • Cloud Services 
  • Procurement
  • Security
    • VoIP
    • Broadband
    • Mobile

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We're Here When You Need Us

The convenience of outsourcing your IT support is that we have up-to-date expertise which an internal team may not have, services that scale alongside your business (meaning you can manage your IT costs accordingly), and you won't need to give us an office - we have one already!

This doesn't mean you'll never see our faces.

Our support packages give you an option for on-site visits regarding hardware maintenance, troubleshooting or general IT consultancy. 

We're always happy to meet new clients so book a free consultation call with us below.

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Business IT support you can trust

Security First

Our technicians are fully qualified, and educated on your business, so you'll have the peace of mind that your business and your data are well looked after.

4-hr Response Times

Onsite support at any local or UK datacentre within 4 hours (often less).


We work with both datacentres and BUDR partners to ensure that your data is kept backed up.


We know more than just Windows! Our team are experienced across a range of operating systems and Linux distributions.

Change Management

With our inventory and logging tools, SupportWise keep on top of what’s important – where all of your equipment is and who’s using it. 

Accessible Support

You don’t need to be at your desk, or even in the office to log a ticket. Our platform is accessible from any device you own (except perhaps the smart fridge).

24/7 Monitoring

Keep your equipment and services running all day, every day.

Configuration Changes

Whether you’re moving offices, installing new equipment or something simply isn't working quite right, we have technicians in key areas of the UK to keep you covered. 

Ad-Hoc IT Services

SupportWise understands that not all businesses require fully managed IT services, that's why we provide ad-hoc IT support which covers issues on an 'as-necessary' basis, meaning you'll only pay for the service after the work is completed. If you don't often run into tech problems, this may be the service for your business because of its flexibility and its typically lower initial costs.

When you work with SupportWise, you will receive as high quality support as you would on a fully managed service. Our helpful and friendly team will give you their knowledgeable advice and are committed to providing your business a wide range of skills to improve your IT systems, such as helpdesk services, hardware installations, telecoms and many more.

If this sounds like the perfect plan for your business, learn more by booking a free consultation call with our team today.

Hardware Procurement

There are so many tech brands out there, purchasing hardware for your business is difficult. RAM, CPU, SATA, etc., what do these all mean?

We'll skip the jargon and help you understand how the hardware will benefit your company so you can get the best value for your money. New technology is always exciting especially for those of us who work in the tech industry, this is why you can rely on us staying up to date with all your favourite gadgets. 

However, what makes SupportWise different is that we get to know your company and your needs, we make suggestions that are impactful and will make a real difference in supporting your business goals rather than upselling you products that have "cool" features. The tech market is massive but we're here to help you navigate it.

Keep hardware procurement simple with SupportWise.

70% of businesses find that outsourcing their IT is 


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