Why do I bother? The reasons I started an IT company.

What a time to be alive.

Politics, climate change and the economy all appear to be in a state of free fall and yet I felt this was the most appropriate time to launch my new IT company.

From within a sleepy little town called Royal Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire, known mainly for its military links and RAF Lyneham, what possibly possessed me to take this journey at this time?

So let’s start with me.

At the time of writing, I’m 30 years old and have been working in IT for more than 10 years. I fell into it, as is often the case. It started with a spreadsheet and ended with me running a fleet of 50 laptops and offering support to 600 end users.

In 2017 I was given the opportunity to work for an amazing managed services provider of around 23 people. During the two years I was there, I learnt how to build relationships while at the same time balancing and managing the technology. This led me to start my own company, SupportWise – which is what I believe IT should look like.

Firstly, I’m not a salesman

SupportWise thrives on face-to-face interactions with our clients – yes, I stole this from our website – but it’s true.

I can’t stand cold calling – it’s distant and well…cold! And it’s not that effective.

In the 6 months I have worked on SupportWise and in the 10 years I have been working in IT in general, I’ve found some of the most constructive conversations are had around a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer.

So I figured I would try to apply this principle in business. Therefore I try to do as much business as possible face-to-face or at least over the phone.

No more outsourcing

Without naming anyone, there is a lot of outsourcing in IT and therefore less direct customer service. This results in less customer satisfaction.

The ethos behind SupportWise is a fairly simple one – get to know our clients, not just their machines. What works for the small family firm won’t work in the same way for the community project looking to expand their horizons or for the large corporation with 600 end users.

Be an expert – not just in IT but for our clients

SupportWise also aims to reduce the total points of contact as much as possible.

By dedicating a technician to each client, who also acts as an account manager makes us experts for our clients and their hardware. All in one individual.

Of course, we keep documentation so should Paul leave SupportWise, Peter can easily carry the torch. We believe that the relationship between IT support and the client is key to ensuring the handover between Peter and Paul is problem free – for us and for the client.

My experience with technology

Everything I learned in college in regard to technology was obsolete within two years of finishing. So I learned new skills to match the new technology. Technology then changed again…and again… and again!

Though qualified, the majority of what I know I’ve learned through hands-on experience, through head banging against the desk and through the joy of trial and error.

I’ve gone through all this pain so you don’t have to.

What IT support do I offer?

This is the big question as IT comes in many flavours from Web Development to Hardware Support and Networking.

But to make it simpler let’s break it down into:

  • Server Support – ensuring that the core of your business’ IT is running 24/7
  • Software Support – making sure that the applications you use work efficiently
  • Hardware Support – detecting hardware failures before they happen

However it goes a little further than that as I also aim to:

  • Plan for the future – keeping everything up to date when needed
  • Security manage – fending off baddies and securing a key asset (like a superhero but without the tights)
  • Project manage – making moving offices as easy as possible

For SupportWise the goal is, that whatever your IT needs are, I’ll either be able to help directly or point you in the right direction.

So why did I do all of this?

Helping people has been something I’ve always enjoyed doing, so why not help with something else that I love?

So help make my day and give me a call. We can discuss all of your IT needs over a coffee (or tea). We may even put the world to rights while we are at it.

Chris – SupportWise – Director