How to Utilise Your Signature as a Marketing Tool

your email signature can be utilised as an effective marketing tool

We all have them. But are we all using them effectively? Your email signature.

That banner at the bottom of every email which can be customised to fit company branding and more importantly used for marketing. Whilst many business owners are aware of the power of the email campaign and spend a lot of time and energy making sure that the wording and mailing list are aligned, they are often neglecting the email signature.

This piece of marketing real estate essentially gets sent to everyone we email from clients to prospects to suppliers expanding the number of eyes on our brand. So why not guarantee it is being used to its full potential. The majority of business signatures include a full name, title and phone number along with company details and social media links which is functional but not optimal.

Ready to grow your business - it's time to utilise your most under utilised marketing tool - Your email signature

Here some other ways of using your email signature more effectively:

Call to Action – Whilst many emails can be replied to with a click of a button, if there is something else you would like the recipients to do, then the call to action can be placed in the signature. This can include signing up to the newsletter or booking a meeting.

Information for External Recipients – The signature can be used for more than contact information. It can be used to provide links to events, special offers, FAQs, new products, important things your company is doing as well as guiding them to your business blog and news pages.

Information for Internal Recipients – For larger organisations with multiple staff an easy way to ensure all staff see vital information such as new policies or internal job opportunities is to add them to the email signature.

Upselling – If you are promoting a new product, accompanying services or an event then the signature can be used to guide recipients to the products you are trying to upsell.

The signature should be considered a viable addition to all other marketing streams and therefore a banner campaign in line with other actions like social media and email campaigns should be included. However, for it to be an efficient element of marketing it should be:

Measurable – It’s important to attach UTM parameters to the URLs therefore tracking the number of clicks through the banner which can be analysed along with other marketing activities.

Up-to-date – If the email signature is used as a marketing tool it is essential that it is updated regularly, as broken links and past events are not only a waste of marketing real estate but could lose potential clients.

Here are several simple ways to use your email signature as a marketing tool

Here at Supportwise we can help your business signatures become an essential and valuable part of your marketing stream, using the Exclaimer signature management tool. The beauty of using a signature tool like Exclaimer means everything can be centrally managed so everyone within the business has the same signature conforming to all brand requirements.

The tool also enables you to create and schedule banner campaigns, ensuring they are always up to date and in line with other accompanying marketing activities. You are able to segment messaging meaning different banners can be sent to different people further streamlining your marketing messages.

There are also a number of inbuilt tracking solutions enabling you to report on traffic and conversations and how successful a campaign has been which can help to drive future campaigns.

So, what are the benefits of using your signature for marketing? Not only can you increase awareness of your business and brand but also can grow your following on social media, increase traffic to your website and get more people signed up to your newsletters which is all great news for the growth of your business.

If you would like to talk about introducing email signatures to your marketing campaigns then why not contact the Supportwise team today to get the ball rolling.

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