During the switching process should you require changes to the services you’re receiving from us just get in touch, via phone or email, and we’ll facilitate them to the best of our abilities.

You won’t be left unsupported

Throughout the transfer process your staff will have access to our services, and we’ll work to resolve any outstanding tickets from previous providers.


Switching Support

When you take up services with us, we’ll handle any necessary transfer from your firm’s previous IT providers over to us, including contacting the previous provider on your behalf to gather any information needed for the switch over.


will help you switch:

There is generally a one month transitionary period and we will need a one day site visit to install any new software. SupportWise will also attempt to resolve any outstanding tickets from previous providers. Users will have access from day one and will have support from SupportWise straight away.

How the process works:


Understanding your business:

We look at how IT integrates into your business.

Every business is different and SupportWise helps IT work for you. We look at your processes and needs and fit this into our IT plans.


We'll handle everything:

By working closely with your previous provider we’ll get them to provide all the information required for your switch over.

SupportWise makes the change easier for all parties by ensuring we are aligned and can carry on, business as usual.


One month before the switch (or sooner):

We’ll install the software needed and start working through tickets.

Any outstanding tickets will be added to the system as well as any new ones, should you wish to do so. Our powerful suppport technology will also monitor the health of your machines and start alerting SupportWise to anything we need to know.

headset on laptop

One week before the switch:

We’ll touch base to confirm everything is going as expected.

One week before, we’ll get in contact via Phone or Meeting to ensure that your expectations are being met and that the switching process is running smoothly.

get in touch to talk discuss switching providers today

Day 1:

Business as usual, all users will be setup and ready to go.

Our team will be on hand to answer any queries as your support contract goes into full swing. Documentation will start to be created and you’ll have full access to our portal, knowledge base and Support Representatives.

helping clients with switching IT provider


Monthly visits will be completed as part of our ongoing effort to provide excellent customer service.