Proactive IT support from Supportwise

Proactive IT Support

Preventative Maintenance

Our ethos is to prevent rather than troubleshoot and therefore preventative maintenance is an important part of our Managed Support Services.

We ensure your entire IT network has regular updates, assessments and audits, catching any gremlins, viruses or problems before they arise and have time to impact your business.

Guaranteed patch management for your entire IT fleet

Keeping your IT fleet software up-to-date can be a daunting and challenging task.

Every piece of software which runs on your PC will need updating – this is more than just Windows or the latest Apple update. This can include Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe and Java. In fact any software you require for your business to run smoothly.

Our Windows and third-party patching tools ensure that not only are your systems kept up to date, but that your business is as secure as it can be.

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Proactive Monitoring

For our Managed Support Services clients we monitor, using the latest monitoring tools, all aspects of your infrastructure such as:

  • Disk & memory usage
  • Services stopped
  • Security issues
  • Backup failures
  • Cloud service failures
  • Corrupted software and drivers
  • Disk failures
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Monthly Assessments

For Managed Support Services clients SupportWise offers monthly and quarterly assessments of IT and security systems.

These assessments will highlight any weaknesses within your organisation which need to be addressed. Often these weaknesses are easily managed and include poor passwords, inadequate virus checking, not carrying out regular updates as well as hardware issues such as ineffective batteries and low memory.

SupportWise will guide you and your business through every step of the way and will ensure you get the best solution for your requirements.

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Implementing Best-Practice every step of the way

As the IT industry continues to evolve, it is important that here at SupportWise we also continue to grow and develop. This enables us to support your company as you grow.

We implement best practices in everything we do.

We also learn from our clients so welcome feedback on our services as well as suggestions as to additional support or services that you would like us to offer.

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Reducing and Mitigating Risk

A good IT network is only as strong as the security, and staff at SupportWise ensure all of our Managed Support Services clients are as secure as they can be.

We use a number of security tools which assess your systems and help your business understand where the weaknesses are and what can be done to reduce your exposure to risk.

This could be weak passwords, poor anti-virus software or infrequent system updates. SupportWise will guide you through the options in order to safeguard your business from cyber threats.

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Automated Healing

Viruses are not the only threat to IT networks. Sometimes things can simply go wrong and the system breaks down.

SupportWise uses tools to monitor your servers and workstations 24/7 which allows us to troubleshoot anything that is likely to cause them to break down.

This ranges from tasks such as regular disk cleans and defragmentation to ensuring your server environment is secured efficiently. All this can be carried out without any impact on your business day.

With all this work going on in the background you may never need to speak to the staff at SupportWise, although you can of course call up just to say hello. 

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Client Testimonials

  • Chris has been an absolute star during the migration and hosting of my website. He made everything so easy and headache free.
    Hannah Edwards , Empowered VA Services
  • I had been having a few issues with my emails but had been avoiding tackling the issue as I was sure that it would be a painful procedure. However, after having a chat with you on Friday, you soon put my mind at easy. Explaining the options which were available and that you would even be able to change my emails over to Office 365 during the weekend. Sunday morning my new emails were up and running. The process was seamless, and I would be happy to recommend your services.
    Rebecca Harrison , GiftsTwoGive
  • I have recently met Chris through networking, and he has been a wonderful support since we first met and is very professional in his work. I know several other people who also work with him and speak very highly of him too. I have been very happy with his work and would be happy to recommend him to others.
    Lis McDermott , Lis McDermott Author
  • I contacted Supportwise to price up a small business website hosting. Not only was the cost broken down at every step of way, but the entire process was thoroughly explained and made easy. The setup was incredibly quick and Supportwise have been on hand to answer any follow up questions no matter how big or small. Great service and price, would recommend for small businesses.
    Christie Kelly , Roanate
  • Chris has been amazing! He has set up my Office 365, migrated my emails, set up a new anti virus and lots more! All through he’s been dedicated and communicated every step. Highly recommended!
    Alisha Hellard-Smith , Blue Elephant Bookkeeping
  • If I have had any questions or wasn't sure of anything I have contacted Chris and his responses have always been very swift and he has answered my questions very quickly. If you are looking for IT support and services definitely give Supportwise a call they are very knowledgeable :)
    Lisa Berry , Cheeky Little Prints