Pay as you Go IT Support

TimeVault – Pay As You Go IT Support

IT Support at your own pace

What is TimeVault?

TimeVault allows you to purchase a block of hours of IT Support for your business.

Purchasing in advance has some advantages:

  • More cost effective than an hourly or daily rate for IT support
  • Can be spread over several days, weeks or months

Once the block has been used it’s possible to:

  • Pay on an hourly basis for the remainder of any works outstanding
  • Purchase another block of support

What could I use TimeVault for?

TimeVault can be used for any of our IT Services (Excluding Cloud Solutions).

For example:

  • Installation of new hardware
  • Installation of company-wide software
  • Remote support services (Troubleshooting and resolution)
  • Server installations
  • Cloud migrations
  • Moving locations

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