Managed IT Support for the Not for Profit / Charity sector

Providing affordable support without compromising on quality. From technology procurement and network maintenance to cloud computing.


As a Not-for-Profit organisation you’ll receive our Managed IT support at a reduced cost. Moreover, there may be software solutions and applications available to you at reduced or no cost.

Reliable IT support

For an NFP a reliable IT infrastructure which runs safely and consistently is essential. From technology procurement to installation through to maintenance, we can help with that.

Microsoft 365

Have you considered if Microsoft 365 could be beneficial to your organisation? As a Not-for-Profit, you could be entitled to a free Microsoft 365 package.


can help you with:



We understand that Not-for-Profit Organisations are unique in comparison to other businesses. With your staff often spread across multiple locations or countries, you require IT infrastructure that keeps your volunteers and employees connected no matter they may be based.

We offer versatile cloud-based solutions. Such as Microsoft 365, G Suite and AWS which can enable ease of access between your staff. As well as the information each user requires to perform their duties. Further to this we’ll provide the training your team requires to feel confident in their new technology and systems.

Moreover, such solutions are extremely adaptable, which means they are easily customised to suit the functions your NFP requires. Providing you with an IT system that scales with your NFP, secures your data, and keeps you compliant.

Furthermore, with back-up solutions for both Microsoft 365 and G Suite you don’t have to worry about loss of valuable information. In the event of an accident, natural disaster, or human error, we’ve got you covered.



In an increasingly digital world, it is essential that not for profit organisations have an online presence. However, procuring and implementing an IT infrastructure comes with its own problems including a high price tag. Further to this there’s the added cost of employing staff to maintain everything.

Choosing to outsource your IT needs to a Managed IT Service provider, such as SupportWise can save you money across every step of this process. From procurement of new technology to installation to maintenance.

Furthermore, as a Not-for-Profit organisation you’ll be entitled to our services at a reduced cost.

We will assess your technology needs, and together we can create a plan for implementing the strategies and long-term maintenance your NFP requires in line with what you need and what you can afford. All provided in a ‘jargon’ free manner without convoluted terms and conditions.



With such a highly collaborative environment NFP’s require an IT infrastructure that works together seamlessly. Without multiple disconnected systems, which can make for a lack of visibility or connection between key information.

Having these capabilities can lead to significant savings, as well as a more integrated IT environment for running reports. Not having such is mainly caused by a lack of cohesive infrastructure making integration difficult.

We will provide you our unique perspective from the IT sector. Allowing us to tailor your IT systems to the specific requirements of your NFP. Enabling you to streamline and maintain visibility across key data sources such as your financial system, donor management, CRM, and marketing, for a more integrated and accessible experience.

Subsequently this will create a more secure, efficient, and manageable IT infrastructure which works with and for your staff. Moreover, a focus on automated and paperless processes promotes ease of use to a spread-out work force. While also mitigating the loss of key documents.



As a Not-for-Profit organisation there are several of the latest software packages available to you at a lower cost, or completely free.

We can assess your software providers, and the services you’re receiving to work out if there’s a cheaper or free alternative available to you. As well as provide the support necessary to get the software up and running should you opt to switch over.

Moreover, we don’t have any hardware specifics we’ll expect you to purchase. We will work with the IT infrastructure you already have. But should you decide to replace or upgrade any of your existing hardware we can assist with procurement and installation. We will provide honest unbiased advice in-line with what you can afford.

We won’t push you to purchase anything you don’t want. So, rest assured you will always have control over final decisions for hardware or software purchase

image of technician representing the remote nature of remote managemet solutions


We will be on hand to help whenever you need us.

Using remote monitoring and management software we will remotely monitor you IT infrastructure to ensure your NFP runs smoothly and the data it stores remains secure.

So, you have the peace of mind no matter what you’ll be covered. Allowing you to focus on what matters most. Leave maintaining your IT systems to us.

Although most support requests we receive are solved remotely, should you require a visit in person we will provide onsite support as well. Further to this, we will provide you a multitude of ways to contact us when you require support.

Your staff have the option to drop us an email, phone call, moreover both management or staff can get in touch through our ticketing platform.

As such, should anything go wrong we guarantee your downtime will be kept to a minimum – our hours even extend to Saturday.



With an increase in cyberattacks including data breaches in recent years ensuring you’re actively managing your IT security is more imperative than ever.

For many Not-for-Profit organisations, furnishing a workforce often including home, mobile, volunteer, and seasonal staff while maintaining the right level of access and control to be connected, efficient as well as secure can prove a challenge.

Subsequently, by outsourcing your security to a Managed IT service provider or blending outsourced advice with an in-house IT team we can implement the security support beneficial to the unique needs of your organisation. While ensuring you don’t pay for extras you won’t use.

Moreover, in many cases fixes for the most common issues can be automated, thereby negating the downtime usually required for dealing with them. Keeping your data secure on a budget that works for you.