A New Year for Tech Trends (2024)

A woman and man sit on a stage at a tech summit. For Tech Trends 2024

As we near the end of the first month of the New Year it’s time to look at the Tech Trends for 2024, and how these will impact our lives and our businesses.

Goodbye to Passwords?

Here at Supportwise we have been great advocates for the super-secure password and have written various blogs about how they should be utilised in order to keep your data safe. However, it could be that 2024 sees us moving into a password-free era in the name of making your data even harder for the cybercriminals to hack into.

For the past couple of years there has been a rise in multi-factor authentication, which in 2024 could go further with the use of biometric scans (face/fingerprint recognition), log in links sent via emails or push notifications to a third-party application.

Like anything they will take some getting used to, but you’ll find more and more applications will start using these methods to log in, which will in the long run be easier for users as they won’t have to remember dozens of passwords and more difficult for the hackers to breach.

AI Automated Cyber Security

Year on year cyber threats increase with more businesses affected by breaches, hacking, data theft and ransomware. As the threats increase, so too must the fight to prevent it and protect users from it.

AI and machine learning is more often being used in integrated frameworks to analyse behaviour, societal factors and protocols to produce cyber resilient strategies as well as highlight threats in seconds, even before they happen. They are able to model behaviours and detect threats (and prevent them) in real time which can vastly improve your cyber security. 

Synthetic Data for AI

In 2023 we saw the widespread introduction of ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms. One of the biggest complaints is that the data can be unreliable, it can be biased as a reflection of the information available on the internet as well as privacy and copyright concerns.

These are things that will be addressed in 2024, as some companies are already creating synthetic data to sell to the AI platforms which will counter some of these concerns. This data is produced using algorithms rather than being generated by records of real-life events.

Added to this synthetic data are the real-world events as well as manual corrections which means that AI is only going to keep getting better, and in 2024 we will see it integrated more and more into our daily lives, from AI driven cars to Microsoft Power Automate for your menial work tasks.

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Sustainable Technology

More and more businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and their need to try to make their organisations more sustainable in order to meet net zero targets. This has led to an increase in sustainable technology

In 2024 there is likely to be a surge in green cloud computing which is about using digital equipment in a more sustainable way. This could include using shared IT infrastructures like data centres as multi-tenancy environments reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of running a data centre.

There will also be an uptake in virtual environments which reduces the carbon emissions of each organisation owning hardware, instead taking it into a virtual space. It is thought that moving data to public cloud services could reduce carbon emissions by 59 million tons per year.

Which of our Tech Trends 2024 are you most curious about? If 2024 is the year you want to be bang on trend then speak to them the team Supportwise about how AI tools, virtual servers or cloud computing can be used to streamline your processes or protect your systems.

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A woman and man sit on a stage at a tech summit. For Tech Trends 2024

A New Year for Tech Trends (2024)

As we near the end of the first month of the New Year it’s time to look at the Tech Trends for 2024 and how they’ll impact lives & businesses.