Myth busting FaceApp

With the popular app being in the news a lot recently, we at Supportwise has written a quick article to bust the myths behind it.

Myth No. 1 – The app is an attempt by the Russians to steal data

Wrong! Speaking to TechCrunch, the developer has stated that no data is transferred to Russia and recent analysis by a French analyst also confirms this. While they may use a cloud-based service to store photos, the majority of them are deleted within 48 hours. Users can also request to have their data deleted.

Myth No. 2 – The app can access all my photos

Wrong! There is a feature in both the Android and iPhone apps which allows you to select a photo to edit. This is a built-in feature with the phones themselves and is the same within other popular services such as Facebook and Twitter. However, this does not give access to the entire photo roll to the app and all other photos are kept on your phone.

Myth No. 3 – The company will use my photo for all sorts of purposes

Kinda? The terms and conditions of the app state that they will use the photos uploaded in perpetuity across all platforms they own and may create in the future (along with your FaceApp username, Given Name etc.) As with any free product, there is a trade off and FaceApp state in their terms and conditions that they do not sell your content to 3rd parties for any reason. They also state that any content you upload remains yours and that will always be the case. They also serve advertisements so they will use this data to show personalized ads, but this stays within the confines of the app itself. In a recent article, the FaceApp developers stated that they acted cavalierly and that they were wrong, looking to change things in the future.

All in all, the app is a bit of fun and on the surface causes no major privacy concerns – your data is still yours and you can choose to have your data removed from their servers at any time.