Manufacturing IT Support

Managed IT services optimised for the manufacturing sector. Including cyber security, ERP systems and personalised cloud computing.


Technology effects almost every aspect of the manufacturing process. In such a technology heavy industry we understand that smooth deployment and management of your IT infrastructure is essential.

Support that suits you

We can provide as much or as little IT Support as you require. You have the option of taking out a full support package, purchasing a block of hours to spread out over a period of day, weeks, or months, or we can supply one-off, hourly or day work if you need advice or support with a specific project.

Enable your Employees

Out-dated systems? Information spread out across multiple locations? Or multiple versions of the same document slowing your staff down? With a range of services including cloud solutions, we’ll can help you build an integrated IT system to support your staff.


can help you with:



Your business faces several challenges unique to your sector. With a dated ERP, or no system at all, responding to such challenges can be difficult.

There are many benefits to deploying an ERP, these includes reduction of production bottlenecks and effective inventory management which will enable you to streamline supply chain management. Furthermore, an ERP includes invoicing and inventory planning tools to support you with effective cost savings and cash flow management.

All these benefits come together to enable your business to integrate and manage your most important processes. This will support the creation of an efficient and simplified working environment.

We can provide the advice and technical support your business needs to put an ERP in place, and further assist you with customisation to ensure your system best suits the requirements of your business. With maintenance and further support delivered after deployment to keep your business running smoothly.



For a small and medium manufacturing company effective deployment of technology and solutions, as well as ongoing maintenance, can become a major drain on resources and cause prolonged downtime.

Outsourcing to a Managed IT Services provider you’ll be proactively supported ahead of problems occurring. Therefore, ensuring your downtime and loss of production is mitigated should things go wrong.

Furthermore, with a range of packages and solutions we’ll be able to support you in the fashion most suited to the needs of your business. We offer a choice of fully contracted packages, including remote and on-site support. Alternatively, you can purchase a block of hours to spread across days, weeks, or months as you see fit.

Moreover, if you’re looking for advice for procurement or assistance to deploy a new system, we offer one-off support too. We’ll even provide the training your team requires to feel confident in their new technology and systems.


Up to Date

Many companies find themselves relying on outdated technology and unreliable systems. For both production and office functions.

The age of your IT infrastructure can inhibit its ability to support a productive work environment. To enable your staff to work efficiently and meet production demands you must ensure that your IT systems are reliable and up to date.

We can assist you with sourcing modern equipment and software. Providing you an innovative working environment and the option to automate common administrative tasks. Therefore, freeing up staff to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Furthermore, using our remote support services we can manage all your software and application updates in the background, so you don’t have to face interruption to your working day. All provided without convoluted terms and conditions.

representation of remote management software

Proactive Support

We understand you can’t afford delays when technology goes wrong. SupportWise can support your business in the short term when tech breaks. Or in the long-term with backup and disaster recovery planning.

By working with your business, together we can ensure that should the worst happen you’ll have an effective back and disaster recovery plan in place so the downtime you face will be minimal and operations won’t be forced to grind to a halt.

This will include setting up restore points in the cloud to protect your business against data loss. Moreover, this will ensure you have off-site backups to work from while your data is restored.

In the short term, with our On-Site Remote Support package we can provide unlimited on-site technical support. Furthermore, we can be there within 4 hours of receiving your call. So, no matter what, we’ve got you covered.


Workforce Support

Your staff are essential to your business, and unsupportive IT systems will negatively affect their job proficiency and productivity.

IT infrastructure in your sector is complex, which can create major roadblocks for user accessibility when not managed effectively.

It may be that employees are missing work instructions or unable to trust the quality of the information they have due to the multiple versions spread over different locations.

By implementing streamlined, modern IT systems, SupportWise can ensure your staff have an easy to navigate IT system. Which will give them access to all the information they require in one consolidated location. Providing them better support to carry out their day-to-day roles.

blue padlock respresenting the security of proactive support


Cybersecurity issues are an increasing occurrence for manufacturing companies, so it’s imperative you protect your users, data and systems.

The industry is especially at risk given the industry’s expanding use and reliance on technology and innovation. Despite a company’s network being isolated, that doesn’t mean they’re safe from external threats.

SupportWise will deliver with the tools your business needs to keep your technology secure. Our remote support package we delivery 24/7 security monitoring on all devices and networks. Furthermore, you’ll have unlimited support via call and email, as well as an antivirus solution.

With a proactive response to cybersecurity your data and files can remain secure, while also improving safety and compliance.