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Where we are:

Swindon, situated in the county of Wiltshire, is a town well known for its rich railway heritage. Between 1841 and 1842, Swindon Works was built for the repair and maintenance of locomotives on the Great Western Railway. With Swindon railway station itself opening in 1942, known then as Swindon Junction. 

The town is also home to the National Monument Record Centre and the Headquarters of the National Trust, both of which sit on former Swindon Works sites. Furthermore, Swindon makes up one third of Silicon Gorge, a region in South West of England which hosts notable firms in the tech and research industry, such as Intel and the UK Space Agency headquarters.


Who we are:

Putting the human touch back into IT support with a friendly and approachable attitude to Managed IT services.

We fix the technology-based problems of a number of small to medium sized businesses, from a multitude of industry, in Swindon and the surrounding areas. From fully comprehensive IT services for businesses with no IT team, to additional support and advisory services for those with already established in-house staff, we understand each business has requirements unique to them. As such, we offer a multitude of services needed on a per case basis.

By providing cost-effective, comprehensive managed IT support to Swindon based businesses, SupportWise enables them to operate innovatively and efficiently without having to worry about the logistics and technical expertise for building and maintaining an in-house team.

We offer full access to a technical team and a wide-range of software, hardware and cloud-based solutions to provide all the support a business requires, at rates that make sense to their size and needs.


What we offer:

SupportWise can offer effective IT support, software solutions and procurement services required to ensure your network and technology performs as it should – all without convoluted terms and conditions.

By passing your technical responsibilities over to us you can take the stress out of managing your IT infrastructure and free up time to focus on growing your business.

We offer comprehensive services to meet every aspect of your IT needs, including:

  • Remote support for your network and computer systems
  • On-site support
  • Cloud-Based Solutions including Microsoft 365 and G Suite
  • Consultancy services
  • Technology procurement advice
  • Training for staff on new systems and processes
  • Cyber security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Providing you the IT expertise you require to ensure your business runs smoothly. We’ll even check in with you regularly to guarantee our continuing support still meets the evolving requirements of your business.

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