Managed IT services for the Print & Marketing sector

Innovative IT support services tailored to the Print & Marketing sector.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your clients are trusting you to deliver your services in a timely manner, don’t risk letting them down, ensure you have a suitable backup and disaster recovery plan in place for when the unexpected occurs.

Switching Provider

We take the stress and disruption out of switching providers. When you take up services with us, we’ll contact the previous provider on your behalf to gather all the required information for your switch, saving you any interruption to your day.


Cloud Solutions

Management software can simplify repetitive administration tasks and streamline traditional work processes. We can provide the support you require to run your management software efficiently and bug free or advise with the procurement and installation if you chose to migrate to something new.


can help you with:



The Print and Marketing sector moves fast, so your IT systems need to evolve to keep up.

For small businesses, IT related issues can sometimes be ignored or moved to a later date due to a lack of time or support.

In the long run, businesses who have good IT systems in place and ongoing support have improved productivity and in turn, increased profits.

Together we’ll formulate a clear plan to suit the requirements of your business. By looking at the technology and processes you already have in place, we can assess how well your current systems and processes are meeting the requirements of your business.



Backup and Disaster Recovery

Clients rely on you to provide your services on time and to their expected standard. We will work with you ensure you have an adequate backup and disaster recovery plan in place so you don’t let your clients down should an unexpected disaster occur.

By creating restore points in the cloud, in the event of an unexpected disaster, you will be protected against data loss.

We can also provide backup solutions for your emails too – no matter the platform. Moreover, deleted files can also be restored as needed, even in non-disaster circumstances.

We’ll enable you to continue functioning optimally and safeguard against possible downtime and reputation loss.


Tailored Services

We can support you by providing comprehensive  IT services that best suit your needs and budget.

We offer multiple levels of support to choose from, tailored to your business, regardless of size.

Our packages give you access to our helpdesk on the phone, email or via our ticketing platform.

You have the choice of either remote-only or having the extra comfort of on-site too. We aim to be on site within 4 hours for all issues and all remote queries are handled by a trained technician as soon as the phone is answered.



With you in mind

We place focus on building a long-term relationship with you. This ensures we’re in the best position to provide the most reliable and appropriate advice for your business.

Your IT infrastructure must protect your resources and mitigate downtime while also giving you an edge over your competition. As such, when it comes to your support, we will give you the opportunity to explain what you need. Without surveys and choice-based answers.

Subsequently, we will incorporate this information into our services, ensuring you’re being provided with the services your business requires, and not paying for things you don’t need or use.

Moreover, we’ll provide clear, jargon free communication as often as needed. So, you’ll understand what we’re doing and why at every turn.

As well as continuous advisory expertise so you have immediate support to solve the problems facing your business as they arise.



Cloud-Based Soloutions

The right management software can simplify repetitive administration tasks and support your business to run more smoothly.

Implementing a cloud-based solution that suits the requirements of your business such as Printpoint or Ordant will help you streamline traditional work processes and ensure an increase in efficiency for your workflow. Giving you more time to concentrate on other aspects of growing and maintaining your business that require attention.

Plus, real time tracking and notifications for completion of, or changes to, tasks enable everyone to stay up to date with current works. As well as improved cost communication since you’ll be able to link directly to cost centres and switch between currencies.

Further to providing you the support you require to run your management software efficiently and bug free, should you choose to migrate we can also help you get set-up with little disruption to your daily routine.



Switching Provider

When you take up services with us, we’ll handle any necessary transfer from your firm’s previous IT providers over to us, including contacting the previous provider on your behalf to gather any information necessary for the switch over.

Furthermore, you won’t be left unsupported in the interim. Throughout the transfer process your staff will have access to our services, and we’ll work to resolve any outstanding tickets from previous providers.

And if you require any changes to the services, you’re receiving from us, we’ll facilitate them to the best of our abilities. All you have to do is pick up the phone or drops us an email to let us know what you need.