Complete IT and Technical Support for your Law Firm

Managed IT services tailored for the Legal Sector including technology procurement, cybersecurity, and remote working support.

Practice Management Software

What practice management software is your firm running? We can support you from Clio to Rocket Matter or even if you’re looking to migrate to something new.  Furthermore, we can provide training for your users on new systems and processes.


From ransomware attacks to data breaches and everything in between, it’s be hard to know how to best to protect your business from cybercrime.


Repair Support

We understand your work is time sensitive and you can’t afford to be delayed when things go wrong. As a result, we provide unlimited remote support via telephone and email. Additionally, we also offer on-site support within 4 hours of receiving your call.


can help you with:


Software Support

We will keep your software running smoothly, whether you’re already running Clio, Rocket Matter or MyCase. Furthermore, with third party patching, we will also update your software and apps in the background to prevent any disruption to your workday.

Don’t fear that early adoption period for new software. If you’re looking to migrate to the latest technology innovations in your industry, we have the experience needed to support your business and get you up and running with no significant downtime necessary.


GDPR & Compliance

Data protection and security is vital, and we take it just as seriously as you. Employing our remote management and monitoring solutions will ensure you have access to the highest levels of compliance and security across your systems and processes.

Remote management solutions continually monitor the performance of your technology and security of your confidential information. Moreover, all monitoring occurs behind the scenes, so you won’t have to worry about any impact to your daily operations.

Furthermore, we will deliver our services in line with your policies and on a budget that works for you.



When it comes to Cybersecurity, we believe prevention is better than a cure. We will ensure you’re receiving the best levels of protection to keep your business secure by assessing your current IT security measures and implementing the managed security support your firm requires.

This includes IT security measures such as antivirus, 24/7 monitoring, security health-checks on email and online storage as well as automated fixes for any issues found.

In addition to data security and compliance, proper cybersecurity practices can further protect your business against downtime, reputation, and financial loss


Repair Support

The Legal industry is as complex as it is fast paced. As such we respect you can’t afford to be delayed when problems arise.

Subsequently, we provide hardware, software and network maintenance, as well as a multitude of ways for your teams to get in touch with us when support is required. Both remotely and in person. When you need us, your employees have the option to drop us an email, phone call or our ticketing system.

Although most support requests we receive are solved remotely, should you require a visit in person we can be on site within 4 hours of your staff contacting us. In other words, we’ll be right there when you need us if things do go wrong, all without convoluted terms and conditions.


Cloud Services

Have you considered cloud services? Within the Legal industry cloud-based IT is increasingly being embraced. Managed IT services are now able to address several of your industry’s previous cloud related concerns. For example, concerns surrounding control over security measures implemented by the cloud provider. As well as the difficulties of running the bespoke apps and programs needed for the firm.

Further to this, Cloud services will save your company money, streamline management of everyday legal applications. As well as provide the ability to share documents in a hassle-free, secure way.

We set up and support both public and private cloud solutions, including G Suite, Office 365, and AWS. Which subsequently, we will precisely configure to the needs of your business. Furthermore, we offer backup solutions for Google and Microsoft.




Homeworking is the new normal for many businesses, legal firms included. So, it’s important you have the IT systems and hardware in place to help make this move work for you and your employees. While also keeping your company secure and compliant.

We can support you through this transition by providing the technology and training your team require to feel confident working remotely. For example, a VoIP system can provide reliable communication regardless of where an employee is based. Thereby mitigating the security risk personal phones being used for business. As well as reducing cost that would be incurred by the company purchasing extra handsets for remote workers.

By utilising Cloud and VoIP type systems we will keep your technology running smoothly, securely, and easily accessible no matter where your employees are based. Whether that’s from home, court or even while visiting clients.