IT Service Management

What is ITSM? And how can it support your business?

IT Service Management (ITSM) software is an umbrella system concerned with designing, delivering, supporting and managing IT services throughout their life cycle.

Furthermore, ITSM software is highly configurable to your business’ individual needs. Enabling your business to record, track and manage data throughout the organisation in real time.

The system allows you to connect employee and customer data, IT assets and to configure hardware such as computers and servers.


How do you know you need ITSM?

Whilst all businesses would benefit from ITSM service as a means of saving money and time and generally becoming more efficient there are however some signs that you need this service now. These signs include:

  • A constant backlog of incidents, problems and changes made within the business.
  • Unclear, undefined and inefficient processes.
  • A lack of communication and collaboration between different aspects of the business.

How ITSM can help your business:

ITSM helps to align business objectives with IT services and processes to ensure growth and future success through five different elements of your business.

  1. Service Strategy – including financial management, business relationship management and strategy management,
  2. Service Design – including capacity management, security, risk management and compliance.
  3. Service Transition –including change management, release and deployment and project management.
  4. Service Operation – including service requests, and problem management.
  5. Service Improvement – including continual service and process evaluation.

Once you've implemented ITSM you should notice:

  • Reduction in costs by reducing time needed for business processes.
  • Increase in productivity as automated services reduce task time.
  • Ability to analyse IT issues and fix them quickly.
  • Reduction in internal IT support times with use of knowledge articles.
  • Ability to define roles and responsibilities of users.
  • Ability to ensure secure access for relevant staff.
  • Reduction in the risks of IT implementations throughout the business.
  • Ability to automate business reports with ease.
  • Improvement in communication between different sectors of the business.

Business efficiency benefits implementing ITSM will provide:

  • Saving on IT operations.
  •  Reduced service downtime.
  • Establishing automated and manageable processes.
  • Transparency of IT services and processes.
  • Improved IT team efficiency.
  • Higher returns on investments in IT.

But I'm only a small business?

All businesses, no matter how small or how large, have a number of IT processes and systems in place. Therefore, regardless of business size ITSM can ensure that any security incidents, problems, service requests, hardware installation and indeed, any other aspect of IT services are streamlined and automated to ensure smooth running with minimum service outages.

What's next?

If you think your business could benefit from a review of their IT Service Management Software contact our team at SupportWise for a no obligation chat to find out how we can help you and your business grow.