Managed IT, Security and Hardware solutions for your Insurance Firm

Comprehensive IT support services provided with the needs of your insurance firm in mind.

Evolving with you

Investment in innovative technology and reliable support is essential for any insurance business determined to stay ahead in their industry. Whether you focus on Insurance Broking, Underwriting or e-Business, or any other avenue of the insurance sector, we can support you.

Microsoft 365

Have you considered if Microsoft 365 could benefit businesses in your industry? With a wide selection of applications and cloud technology that work together to form a streamlined system, it’s perfect for supporting your workflow.

Our migration service could have you setup in under 48 hours.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring your data is protected and secure is essential to any Insurance company. But what if a disaster does occur?


can help you with:

representation of remote management software

Industry Innovation

Technological innovation means that new ways of working are a constantly evolving requiring companies to adapt quickly to remain competitive. The insurance sector is no exception. However, while being adaptable is a key component of insurance firms, we often find for many their IT infrastructure isn’t always a priority.

By utilising Managed IT service, you can take advantage of innovations by having the needs of your business assessed. Therefore, you’ll receive services tailored to the requirements of your firm.

Furthermore, it isn’t always necessary to install or migrate to new software to reap the benefits of computing innovations in your industry. There are plenty of software solutions that will plug into your existing infrastructure and applications to update systems and processes. For example, a self-service portal can offer your customers a greater sense of agency while also removing some of the administrative burden from your team.

By working with us you receive the advice, support and training necessary to access the latest developments in software and technology that will best benefit your insurance firm.


Data Security

Insurance companies have huge amounts of personal information to store. Additionally, given how essential this data is protecting it is imperative. Consequently, insurance firms must ensure their data is stored securely with the appropriates back-ups in place in case of disaster.

Furthermore, this includes protecting it from malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware. Alongside the advancements in internet-based industry cyberware has become more sophisticated. As such, protecting your firm and responding to such threats is not only important but increasingly difficult.

To combat this, we utilise the latest security technology to protect your business. Using Remote monitoring and management software we can remotely implement preventative measures to stop problems before they even occur. Ensuring your business and data it stores remain secure.

Furthermore, we can help you manage user accessibility to your most secure data, further enabling you to keep your most critical data safe and compliant.


Support that suits you

Trust us to protect your sensitive data, keep your network and IT infrastructure up to date and provide beneficial support for your team. All in one package.

Moreover, we offer multiple levels of support to choose from as well as a dedicated service desk ready to support you from Monday to Saturday. So there’s a package to suit your firm regardless of size or current IT infrastructure.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive support package that encompasses as many aspects of your IT infrastructure as you require, without convoluted terms and conditions. Our Remote Support Package supplies your firm with 24/7 security monitoring including antivirus, as well as automated fixes for issues found. Furthermore, we’ll provide your staff completely unlimited support via telephone, ticketing system or email as well as much more.

Similarly, if you take out our On-Site Support Package should anything go wrong, we guarantee your downtime will be kept to a minimum by providing you with on-site technical support within 4 hours of you reporting any problems to us. Moreover, we’ll support you no matter your already existing hardware without requiring you to upgrade or purchase more.



Pay for what you use

By entrusting your IT infrastructure to us you gain a fully serviced IT department for a fraction of the in-house cost. Furthermore, with the combined knowledge of both the IT and insurance industry we can provide the best solutions to the specific IT needs facing your business.

Additionally, for the duration of your contract we won’t increase your service fees. However, we are flexible. Depending on the requirements of your firm we can adjust your monthly support in accordance with how many active users and devices you have. So, you won’t be expected to pay any extra than needed.

Furthermore, if you require IT services for a specific project or don’t feel a contract is viable for your firm at this time but still want that peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is being supported you can purchase a block of hours which can then be spread across several days, weeks or months as needed.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

We will work with you to put in place a detailed disaster recovery and data back-up system.

Together we will analyse your IT infrastructure, the continuity needs specific to your firm and establish impact & recovery objectives for your data.

From this analysis we can put the relevant systems in place to protect functionality and support data recovery.

Subsequently, this enables your firm to continue optimal functioning following a disaster. Regardless if it’s a natural disaster, cyberattack or human error.

Moreover, you’ll be able to work from your cloud-based backups while your data is restored. This will combat downtime or disruption to your firm in the event of a disaster.


Comprehensive Services

Alongside our packages, we’ll handle any necessary transfer from your firm’s previous IT providers over to us. Additionally, users will have access and support from us from day one and we’ll resolve outstanding tickets from previous providers where possible.

Furthermore, to gather the information required to switch the business over we’ll contact your previous provider on your behalf. Saving your staff any disruption to their day.

Additionally, we offer a multitude of beneficial services outside of our packages. This includes a selection of cloud-based services, for example public and private cloud solutions for Google, Office 365 and AWS. As well as backup solutions for both Google and Microsoft.

Moreover, we can support you with migrating over to a cloud-based phone system such as Circleloop. Given how many employees are now working from home a VoIP system allows for easy communication between employees and ensures your business continues to run smoothly.