Comprehensive IT Support for your Engineering or Architecture company.

Specialised IT Services with a focus on Engineering and Architecture companies.

Providing integrated working environments, supporting remote working staff and proactively protecting your client data

One Stop Managed IT

Don’t focus on managing your technology. Leave the IT support to us so you can focus on the things that matter most to your engineering company. We monitor your network 24/7, proactively manage system performance and security. As well as offer recommendations on infrastructure upgrades to ensure your data is available when and where you need it.

Here for You

If things go wrong, and you need to get in touch, we’re available via phone, email or through our ticketing system. So, you won’t need to worry about lengthy downtime should things go wrong. Furthermore, if you require on-site tech support, we’ve got you covered; our hours even extend to Saturday.

No matter where you're based

We will keep your IT Infrastructure up to date, ensuring fast file sharing and optimised collaborative tools. So, if your staff are on or off site, they’ll always be able to communicate effectively and connect to everything they need to enable them to perform their job effectively.


can help you with:



Mistakes happen, computers break, and humans are accident prone. We supply a multitude of services to cover all aspects of security and disaster planning. Furthermore we’ll

Using preventative measures, we will keep your network protected against viruses, phishing attacks, and ransomware. While also encrypting sensitive email and client data. Furthermore, we will support you in managing access to your most important data. As well as ensuring critical information is kept secure with firewalls and monitoring.

We will protect your company and its data while enabling your employees to continue working even if disaster strikes. Data loss as the result of a hacking event, lost equipment or natural disaster can jeopardise a project, cause unwanted delays, and result in financial loss. Work with us to put in a place a backup and disaster recovery plan that scales with your business.

All provided without convoluted terms and conditions, and without being locked into a contract that doesn’t work for you.



We will support you in maintaining an IT infrastructure that’s up to date. Assuring your workstations can handle the high demand CAD/CAM software and large data files your engineering or architecture company requires. We will ensure your technology and software runs smoothly and integrates with each other.

Furthermore, we will deliver an optimised IT infrastructure using a range of maintenance, procurement, and IT support services. Thereby, enabling your remote and on-premises users to work collaboratively across devices and platforms with greater functionality and security.

By proactively and remotely maintaining your workstations we will help you avoid slow performance or costly downtime. We will implement software update procedures that enable your computers to run updates in the background or at night. So, your employees don’t have to face lengthy wait times while updates are applied.


Remote Working

With multiple staff regularly working remotely they require mobile computing and remote access to all their documents. From contracts and blueprints to business email and time sheets.

We will ensure your shared network is up and running efficiently. A mobile device management system your organisation will be able to provide, secure and manage your device’s apps and content. Regardless of whether they’re owned by your company or the employee. Assuring your staff are covered no matter where in the world they’re working. Furthermore, we’ll provide training for users on new devices, systems and processes

Moreover, we will manage each device your company uses. Whether that’s laptops and computers or phones and tablets to keep your business secure and compliant. We also offer cloud and VoIP type systems. Further ensuring your technology is configured to make remote working secure but provides easy accessibility every user.


Client Data

We will ensure you remain compliant by reviewing your business and developing a plan that meets your compliancy needs. Engineering companies store a large amount of client data which comes with a great deal of compliancy regulation. This is to ensure the data is kept secure in the face of increased security risk.

As this data is essential to the function of your company it is imperative your client data is stored securely. Furthermore, it is imperative that the appropriate back-ups are in place in case of disaster. This will help prevent compromising your reputation and avoid non-compliancy penalties for data loss or breach.

We will deliver data security services in line with your policies to keep your data safe and compliant. Furthermore, our services scale with your business. So, down the line you won’t face an unexpected hike in costs to maintain compliance.

Furthermore, we offer support with a multitude of certifications and accreditations such as GDPR, Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.



We will maintain security, ensure uptime and provide reliable IT support for your engineering company. Furthermore, we offer recommendations on software and hardware that’s best suited to the needs of your business.

We will handle any technology procurement needs your business has. As we’re not affiliated with any brand or distributer, we provide unbiased advice based on the requirements and budget of your company. However, you will always have complete control over final decisions and purchasing.

Depending on what you require, we will order the hardware and software you require, as well as install everything. After which, we will run tests to assure you have the optimal IT infrastructure to work efficiently and remain secure.

Furthermore, you’ll have the option for troubleshooting as needed. Which reduces downtime, increases reliability, and ensures you receive appropriate upgrades when required.

remote Managed IT support meeting representation

Alternative Support

Already have an IT team? That’s okay we’re happy to work alongside your current IT staff to create a beneficial working relationship. We will supply additional resources and support as they carry out their daily responsibilities. You can continue to rely on your IT team’s in-house knowledge while also receiving the benefit of a managed IT providers unique depth of experience with the IT sector.

Already have a Managed IT service provider? Looking to move to someone new? We take the stress out of switching provider. When you take up services with us, we will handle any necessary transfer from your previous IT providers.

Furthermore, we will ensure you aren’t left unsupported in the interim. You’ll have our full support from day one, plus we’ll work to resolve any outstanding tickets from previous providers.