Managed IT, security and technical support for Construction companies

Providing secure, comprehensive and innovation Managed IT Support.

Adapted to support remote working and optimised for the Construction sector.

Comprehensive Support

Don’t worry about downtime. Updates and patches for your apps and software will be deployed in the background, ensuring your workday won’t be interrupted. Moreover, should a problem arise you will have unlimited support via telephone, ticketing system or email. So, your construction company will have all the IT support you require without convolulted terms and conditions.

Keeping you secure

We offer IT support for construction companies including data security as well as backup and recovery plans. Ensuring your data is protected and secure is essential. We do this using security measures such as antivirus, 24/7 monitoring, security health-checks on email and online storage. To keep your data compliant and protected against viruses and ransomware.

Remote Workers

We understand your work is important, and you want to keep your construction teams safe while they’re on site. We will support you with this through a combination of innovative technology and user training. Including cloud services, mobile device management and the implementation of a VoIP system. Ensuring your users remain connected and your data secure while away from the office.


can help you with:



The construction industry is fast paced. So, you can’t afford to waste time with unreliable networks, incompatible software and employee communication breakdowns. Our managed IT support can keep your construction company running smoothly and reliably, mitigating downtime and potential financial loss.

The success of your company is dependent on collaboration between architects, engineers as well as the foremen and workers on-site. We provide support for CAD and planning software’s, as well as the deployment of remote support software. Enabling us to manage team collaboration, across various locations. Furthermore, we will support the technology that runs your critical applications such as accounting, project management, document hosting and scale management.

We can assure your employees remain safe while conducting their daily tasks no matter where they’re based. Through the selection of appropriate hardware, implementation of policies and device monitoring can be provided to ensure the health and safety of site workers. Especially during lone working.

image of technician representing the remote nature of remote managemet solutions

VoIP Communication

A voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone system will keep your communications running smoothly and easily accessible. Regardless of where your employees are based.

With a VoIP system, management teams can simply dial an on-site construction engineer via extension. Therefore, saving time and mitigating the need to keep track of everyone’s mobile numbers.

VoIP can be beneficial to multi-location businesses as it can go wherever you go. You have the freedom to move without any added stress that accompanies traditional phone systems. The ability to choose how your calls are forwarded. This means you also don’t have to face effected productivity or miss urgent calls if you’re not in the office.

A VoIP system also utilizes Internet Protocol to relay call data instead of traditional telephone lines. This makes domestic and long-distance calls overall cheaper.


Cloud Working

Cloud computing can provide your construction company a simple and efficient way to improve the mobility of your business.

Cloud services offer a suite of fully collaborative, beneficial tools. Easily personalized, the cloud can be adapted to the unique requirements of your construction business. Including scaling up or down with the company, as necessary. With staff often working from multiple locations, a cloud suite enables everyone to collaborate from any internet-enabled device.

Storing your data and documents in the cloud can keep your data safe while keeping everything available to your staff. Even if you don’t have an internet connection hosting your data in the cloud can give you the ability to work from certain documents via offline mode.

We set up and support both public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Following this we can configure your cloud solution precisely to the needs of your company. This includes Google, Office 365, and AWS, as well as backup solution.



When working on site it is essential your staff have access to robust devices. Devices which can stand a highly physical life cycle and harsh weather conditions. We can advise you on and procure the most appropriate devices for your company. Moreover, once purchased we can roll out this technology for your users, then maintain it after the fact.

In addition, device encryption will protect your private data against loss or theft. By utilising the cloud or server-based tech for storing important documents (and back-ups) your company can mitigate data loss should a device end up the victim of a construction site or swiped while away from the office.

We can deploy resources remotely, easily enabling you to prepare your on-site teams in advance. Remote device management allows us to pre-install the programs, apps and data your site-based users will need to get on with their day-to-day duties, across multiple devices all at once.

By remotely installing and configuring apps and software means we can perform security checks prior to installation. Thereby ensuring accessibility to users of all abilities by removing the risk of staff installing incorrect or an unknown app by mistake. Further helping keep the private information of your business secure.



There are many IT solutions tailored to the construction industry. We can help you assess and utilise the solutions most suited to your company. With construction projects becoming increasingly complex and expensive, the need for technology can encourage productivity and improve costs.

From 3D printing to wearable technology able to track and monitor remote staff, many of the innovations in the construction sector come with a host of data to store and protect. It is imperative the construction sector take steps to store all data securely and compliantly.

We can ensure your firewall is properly configured and managed. As well as provide you with an antivirus program to ensure your data is secure. Furthermore, we’ll regularly check the security of your data storage and email inboxes. All of this can help negate damage and keep your data secure in the face scam emails containing bad links and downloads containing viruses designed to destroy or ransom data.

Moreover, we offer fully managed backup and disaster recovery services to ensure your data remains safe. Even in the event of a sudden or non-preventable disaster.



We offer affordable and comprehensive services, such as standard IT solutions and remote support, alongside more specialized services. Whether your requirements include cloud services, backup and recovery, security or network & infrastructure support. We deliver a host of services to keep you IT infrastructure secure and your network reliable.

We understand your contracts are time sensitive so you can’t afford to be delayed when things go wrong. We’ll provide your unlimited remote support via telephone and email. Furthermore, with our On-Site Support package we offer on-site support within 4 hours of receiving your call.

The construction industry comes with a unique set of challenges, from multiple sites to a frequent change of users. As well as the configuration and deployment of software and apps for remote staff. We can provide reliable IT support, able to keep up with your demands and ensure your technology is secure, properly integrated and maintains uptime.