IT Support for Business Services

Supplying comprehensive Managed IT Services tailored to your business. Including cyber security solutions, flexible support, and network maintenance.

Benefitting Small business

There are multiple benefits for small businesses utilising Managed IT support, including procurement of the latest innovations in technology, software and services to enable you to maintain security and a streamlined workflow. Without convoluted terms and conditions.

Consultancy services

SupportWise can advise you or your clients on certifications and accreditations such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. Moreover, we can provide training on new systems such as Private or public Cloud Solutions, Endpoint Security, and VoIP.

As needed

We can still support you even if a contract isn’t currently viable. We provide the option to purchase block of hours to spread across several days, weeks or months. Giving peace of mind and expert support services in the face of unforeseen circumstance or assistance with a short-term project.


can help you with:


Cyber Security

If you wait until a security breach occurs before you consider cybersecurity you could be risking reputation and financial loss alongside your data and files.

We will put the preventive solutions in place to protect your company before such problems arise. Giving you peace of mind in the form of 24-hour monitoring. As well as innovative cybersecurity technology to protect your data.

Furthermore, all monitoring is done remotely to prevent against disruption to your company. This includes IT security measures such as antivirus, security health-checks on email and online storage as well as any updates and patches.

In addition to data security and compliance, we can protect your business against disasters, natural or man-made, with the implementation of a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan.

We will ensure you experience no loss of data in the event of a disaster. Moreover, we’ll provide your business with the means to continue functioning while data is restored by creating back up points in the cloud.


Small Business Support

Small to medium businesses don’t have the same finances or resources available to them that larger companies do. A Managed IT provider has the expertise to support you for less of the resource and financial cost than building in building an in-house team.

There are multiple benefits to Managed IT support, not just access to expert technicians without the added expense of paying a full-time salary.

Using a Managed IT service provider can enable your company to create a streamlined IT infrastructure, reduces costs, encourages a more integrated working environment, and can simplify many of your daily tasks, encouraging better productivity.

Trust us to protect your sensitive data, keep your IT infrastructure up to date and provide beneficial support for your staff. We offer multiple levels of support to choose from so your firm will find a package to suit you regardless of size or current IT infrastructure.

With all our support packages you’ll receive unlimited support via telephone, ticketing system or email. Furthermore, with our On-Site Support Package your business has access to unlimited on-site technical support.



We will give you access to the latest software without you needing to source or understand how to maintain it. We’ll manage that for you.  

Moreover, at every step of the installation process we’ll ensure everything is explained in a jargon-free manner. So, you’ll understand what we’re doing and why.

Moreover, we’ll keep your systems up to date and integrated, ensuring everything flows smoothly and communicates as it should. Providing you with a concise IT Infrastructure so your employees won’t have to worry about searching through multiple places to find information.

Furthermore, we can provide the updates and patches for both Windows and third-party applications such as Chrome, Java, Flash etc. All of which can be done remotely and, in the background, to ensure your workday won’t be interrupted.


On-going Support

If a contract isn’t currently viable for your business you can purchase a block of hours to spread across several days, weeks or months.

As such you’ll have peace of mind that there’s expert support on-call should your business face unforeseen circumstance or require assistance with a short-term project. So, you don’t have to face prolonged interruption to your business or need to search for a solution yourself.

Furthermore, with the knowledge from both the IT industry and a range of sectors we provide support to we can provide informed solutions for the specific IT needs facing your business.

For the duration of your time with us we won’t increase your service fees.



Securing the hardware your office needs at a price point appropriate for your business can be difficult.

If you are looking to purchase technology for your business, we’re not affiliated with any suppliers so we can advise you on finding suitable equipment at the right price point by providing unbiased recommendations based on the requirements of your business.

Having your technical services managed for you simplifies the establishment of office hardware and printer servers. Furthermore, you’ll receive troubleshooting where required, ensuring a reduction in downtime as well as increased reliability and appropriate upgrades.

Moreover, we can maintain your wireless operations. This includes securing the wireless devices in your office to protect against the chance of malicious interception.



We can configure cloud-solutions to the requirements of your business. Including cloud-based set-up and support for G Suite, Office 365, and AWS. As well as backup solutions for Google and Microsoft.

By utilising cloud-based IT your employees will have access to all their documents and files no matter where they’re based. Enabling them to work optimally on the go, whether they’re working via laptop, smartphone or tablet. Or switching between multiple devices.

Moreover, your staff will have the ability to share and collaborate on documents in real time regardless of location. Furthermore, storing data in the cloud comes with the added advantage that if a device were to crash no files would be lost.

If you’re using a cloud solution, we will also provide system and database management for your server and the data stored on it.