Affordable IT Support in Swindon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

Affordable IT Support

Imagine not only spending less...

But getting more for what you are spending

SupportWise has a flat pricing structure which is simple and easy to understand.

There are no additional labour costs, call-out charges, setup fees or unexpected tariffs.

As part of Managed Support Services we will analyse your providers and the services they are providing and try to find a better service for the same price or cheaper elsewhere.

Saving You Money

Not only are SupportWise cost-effective which means you get remarkable value for money but we can also save you money.

We will also look at all the hidden options most providers offer, such as free software, free support or additional services, ensuring you are receiving the best available service from them. This will save you money with no loss of service to your business or inconvenience to you.

On average we can save small businesses 10 % per year on their software costs, meaning you will be financially better off and much more productive.

How does that sound? Why not give us a call today and see how we can save you money.

Scales with your business

IT is a consistently evolving industry, and we recognise that so is your business.

As your business scales up or down, SupportWise will do likewise. We can increase or decrease your monthly service according to your needs with no notice needed. You just need to let us know what changes are needed and we will implement them.

So if you have retired a device, no worries! You won’t need to pay for it. As long as we maintain a regular dialogue with you, SupportWise can scale up or down as required.

We will also regularly check in with you to see if there are any changes to the number of devices/users currently active and adjust the monthly support accordingly.

But remember, no change is permanent.

If you are ramping up for summer, or shutting down for the winter, there is no problem. We adapt to suit your needs all year round.

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30-Day Rolling Contracts

At SupportWise we know business needs can change quickly.

You can rest assured that our Monthly Support Services are flexible.

You are not automatically tied into a 12-month contract, or even a 6-month #contract.

Instead all our packages have the option of a 30-day rolling contract or a 12-month contract, giving you the power to decide how long you stay with us.

You can even try before you buy, and therefore if you are on the 30-day rolling contract and realise the value of our service to your business in the long term, you can upgrade to a 12-month contract. We will even offer you a discount.

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No Hardware Requirements

For the Managed Support Services there are no specific hardware requirements.

If you already have your own equipment, we will work with and support what you have.

However, should you wish to upgrade your hardware, or are just starting out SupportWise can assist with procurement.

You will, however, always remain in control.  We will offer advice and as we are not sponsored or affiliated with any specific brand or distributer you can rest assured you are being provided with the hardware you need.

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No Sudden Increases

We pride ourselves at SupportWise on being transparent and open in our customer relationships.

We won’t try to influence your decision in using our business with low prices and then increase them at a later date.

The price you are quoted for your Break Fix or Monthly Support Services is the price you pay.*

* There may be inflation-based increases which will be assessed yearly, and clients will be informed three months in advance of any changes. We are also not able to control the cost of services which we do not provide directly, such as Office 365.

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