Complete IT Support for your Accountancy firm

SupportWise IT Services go beyond supporting accountancy and financial practices with IT support solely for Quickbooks and Xero.

We also aim to help with your internal practice management software and any hardware requirements you have.

Evolving with you

Whether you’re running Sage, IRIS or Digita, or looking to migrate to something new, we’ll support you.



As a financial service provider, it is imperative your business is protected from cybercrime.

Remote and On-Site Support

We understand your financial firm can’t afford to be delayed when things go wrong. That’s why we provide unlimited remote support, furthermore we can be on-site within 4 hours of receiving your call.


can help you with:


Evolving Technology

The financial industry is utilising increasingly complex technology to meet the rising demands of both staff and customers. With application solutions designed specifically for financial firms no matter what software you’re using or looking to migrate to we can keep you bug free and running smoothly.

In addition, with patch support we update your software and apps in the background, so your staff can perform their jobs without facing disruption.

We offer both public and private cloud solutions, including Google, Office 365 and AWS. Employing cloud services is a smart move for any business, such services are flexible enough to expand alongside your business, can be used to eliminate repetitive data entry tasks and save your business money.


Backup and Diasaster Recovery

An unexpected disaster could occur at any time. Whether this be flood, cyberattack or simple human error, your business cannot afford to operate without a disaster recovery plan.

SupportWise will ensure you have a suitable backup and disaster recovery plan in place which suits the needs of your business. By creating restore points in the cloud, should the worst occur, we will ensure you experience no loss of data. Moreover, you’ll be able to work from your off-site backups while your data is restored.

Furthermore, in non-disaster situations such as accidental deletion files and folders can be restored as required.



We recognise that accountancy firms are looking to grow their business while still maintaining the highest possible security.

The key to keeping your business secure is preventing security breaches before they happen. This includes utilising IT security measures such as antivirus, security health-checks as well as regular reports.

We will assess your current IT security measures and then implement the managed security support your firm requires. Furthermore, we will automate many of the fixes for the most common issues, thereby negating the downtime usually required for dealing with them.


Affordable IT Support

We respect you need to maintain a technology infrastructure that can grow alongside your financial firm. Without adding significant costs. Subsequently, SupportWise has a flat pricing structure, with no additional labour costs, call-out charges, setup fees or unexpected tariffs. Allowing us to provide accessibility to firms of all sizes to effective Managed IT Services.

Furthermore, as a part of our Managed Support Services we will also analyse your providers and the services they provide. Following this, we will try to find a better service for the same price or cheaper elsewhere.

Moreover, we adapt to suit your needs all year round. By checking in with you regularly we can adjust your monthly support according to the number of active users and devices.

We can increase or decrease your monthly service according to your needs. All you need to do is need to let us know what changes are required and we will implement them.


Hardware & On-Site Support

Hardware needs? We’ve got you covered.

We can offer advice as to what we think best fits the needs of your business and budget. Moreover, we are not affiliated with any brand or distributer. So, rest assured all information we provide is unbiased and based on the needs of your business.

Our Managed Support Services don’t have any specific hardware requirements. If you already have your own equipment, we will support without requiring you purchase more. But if you are just starting out or looking to upgrade, we can assist with procurement.

We can give you access to the latest innovative technology solutions available in your industry, However, you will always have complete control over final decisions and purchasing.

So, no matter what we’ll be right there when you need us. Allowing you to focus your resources on growing your business not maintaining technology.



When outsourcing your IT, it’s important to choose a managed IT provider who understands the unique requirements of your industry.

SupportWise understands your IT infrastructure must protect data and resources while also giving you an edge over your competition. Employing our consultancy services, we will work with you to identify the challenges specific to your business and create a plan with you to address them.

Furthermore, we provide continuous advisory expertise so you have immediate support to ensure your network and technology performs as it should – all without convulted terms and conditions.

We place focus on building a long-term relationship with you. This enables us to provide the most reliable and appropriate advice for your business. Whether we’re there with you every step of the way or simply a pay-per-use fix as and when you need us.