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Our Goals & Values

Founded by Christopher Goodchild in 2019, SupportWise IT Services has gone from strength to strength.

The ethos behind SupportWise is a fairly simple one – get to know our clients, not just their machines. What works for the small family firm won’t work in the same way for the large corporation with 600 employees.

This is why customer service is paramount. With IT support, this is not just about being polite and inviting customers to lunch (although we do). It’s about mutual understanding. So, we take time to find out what our customers need, what their business plans are going forward and the expectations they have for their IT systems. This allows us to serve those needs before they are required.  

In addition to the fantastic and talented inhouse team, we also employ freelance engineers if required to ensure our clients get the service they need when they need it.

People remember actions more than words, especially in business. That requires more than a contract, that requires a genuine respect for our customers. Most importantly, a respect for their time. That’s why all our staff and engineers are skilled and experienced at what they do. By providing the client with the service they need, ensures our reputation as a high-quality IT support supplier is maintained.

When our clients’ things don’t work, the potential for money and success goes up in smoke. SupportWise Makes Things Work.

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Direct your enquiry to the right team

SupportWise IT Services have dedicated contacts, so making contact with the team you need is quick and stress-free.

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Christopher Goodchild | Director & IT Manager

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Rhys Francis Hill | Web Design & Marketing Manager

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