10 AI Productivity Tools

AI may be controversial, but may AI tools have proven themselves to be useful to business productivity and streamlining

Throughout 2023 AI has become more talked about and is featuring more in our everyday lives. Whilst on one hand there are some concerns about the speed of rollout and where it could lead, AI tools have proven to be a useful when it comes to increasing productivity and task streamlining.

But where do you start when there are so many AI tools and apps available?

AI tools can boost your productivity and take the hassle out of time consuming, repetitive tasks

10 AI tools to help streamline every aspect of your business:

1. Zoom Since the pandemic Zoom has become a daily part of most business owners’ lives by removing the need for in-person meetings therefore saving time and opening up global opportunities. AI is used for noise cancellation, speaker tracking and language translation.

Cons: Recently there have been concerns about Zoom’s data handling and security practices.

2. Grammerly For people who are uncertain of their spelling, grammar and writing skills in general, Grammarly can be a great tool which can help improve your written content, with AI generated suggestions, corrections and edits.

Cons: Grammarly doesn’t however always pick up nuances in the language and there are security concerns because to function it needs to track keystrokes

3. ChatGPT This has been a major innovation in content creation as it can be used to produce social media posts, blog posts and even reports. It scans the internet for previous data to produce the requested text. However, it is essential to be very specific in the prompts to get quality text out.

Cons: There are ongoing debates about copyright concerns as it doesn’t reference sources, as well as the same prompt potentially producing the same text.

4. Dall-E 2 Like ChatGPT, Dall-E 2 is run by Open ai although this is for the generation of images and can produce some interesting results. It can also be connected to Zapier in order to automatically create images from written transcripts.

Cons: There are copyright concerns with this app, as artists’ or photographers’ work is being used without permission or reference.

5. Otter.ai This is a great tool for transcribing and then summarising spoken content, meaning meetings, interviews and lectures can easily be disseminated.

Cons: There are limitations to the accuracy if technical terminology is used.

6. Calendly This is a staple for most businesses as an AI tool which automates scheduling, which can save time by cutting back on the email or message tennis to find a suitable date.

Cons: There are very limited options in regard to appearance and branding.

7. Trello Trello is a project management tool which runs on the Kanban framework. It uses AI to assign tasks to other members of your team, and to track project progress.

Cons: There is a free and paid version although there are limitations to functionality on the free version.

8. Wrike An alternative to Trello for project management is Wrike which uses AI tools to automate task assignment, predict problems and optimise timelines. A great tool for a remote team.

Cons: Wrike, for some, is difficult to use. As such it isn’t initially intuitive and therefore requires some effort in mastering the features.

9. Evernote This is a great tool to aid with note taking and organisation. It is also able to recognise handwritten texts and assign appropriate tags and categorization to them.

Cons: This is quite an ‘analogue’ system. In spite of Evernote being supported by AI. As such many users may find it a little low tech comparatively speaking.

10. Wondershare Filmora This tool, whilst not new has introduced a number of AI features to help with video editing. Tools allow for removal of background, reduce background noise and improve sound quality.

Cons: There have been a number of glitches with new functions. Furthermore, there are limited filters and themes available.

In a fast-moving world of technology this is just a snapshot of some of the apps and tools which are available to improve and streamline your working life. Many of them have free trials, or free versions allowing you to try them out first.

What’s Next?

If you want to streamline your processes and need some no-nonsense advice on how AI tools can help your business, why not contact the Supportwise team today? We will help in any way we can.

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